What Is The Best Car Lift For Your Garage?

Understanding the type and size of car you own before selecting a lift

When selecting the best car lift for your garage, it is very important to take into consideration the type or types of cars you own. In order for a car lift to adequately support your vehicle the dimensions have to work with your vehicle. Accidentally choosing the wrong car lift can cause damage to your car frame and even break the lift itself. For that reason it is very essential that you are aware of all details regarding your vehicle like height, length, width and weight before making any decisions about which car lift will best suit your needs.

Consider the height of your garage when selecting a garage car lift

It is very important to consider the height of your garage when selecting a car lift. This is because the height of the lift must match that of the ceiling and preferably have a few extra inches in order for it to be safely installed and used. If you have a low ceiling, then you need to make sure that your chosen lift will fit within those measurements. For a seamless installation be sure to clean up any unnecessary items in your garage that limit the amount of room it will take to install your garage. It’s also important to check what type of vehicles can fit on a particular size and model of car lift before making any purchase decisions so that you know it will work with all types of vehicles in your fleet.

Determine whether you need a two-post, four-post, or scissor lift for your garage

Choosing the right car lift for your garage is an important decision that can make all the difference in your ability to work safely and efficiently on vehicles. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, it’s crucial to determine which type of lift is best suited for your needs. A two-post lift, four-post lift, or scissor lift each have their own advantages and drawbacks depending on what kind of vehicle maintenance tasks you need to do. Two-post lifts are great for general repairs like brakes and oil changes, while four-post lifts provide more stability when you’re working on heavier projects such as engine rebuilds or transmission removal/installation. Lastly, scissor lifts are perfect for wheel alignment work since they allow access from all sides of the vehicle with adjustable arms that can be adjusted to fit any size wheelbase. No matter which type of car lift you choose, make sure it meets safety standards and has features that will accommodate any future modifications needed down the road.

Invest in professional installation services

Having a garage car lift installed is an excellent way to maximize the space in your garage. However, it’s important to invest in professional installation services to ensure everything is securely installed and working properly. Professional installers have the expertise and experience necessary to make sure that all parts are connected correctly, bolts are tightened appropriately, and safety mechanisms are functional. This will not only give you peace of mind knowing that your car lift is secure but also help prevent any accidents or issues from occurring due to improper installation. Investing in professional services ensures that your car lift will be safely and securely installed so you can enjoy its benefits for years to come. For Olympic Equipment installation information click here to visit our installation page.

Choose the right model for your budget

When selecting a car lift, it is important to choose the right model for your budget. Olympic Equipment offers lifts that range in price and capabilities, so there is sure to be an option that fits both your needs and your budget. Whether you are looking for a basic two-post lift or something more advanced like an alignment scissor lift, Olympic Equipment has the perfect solution at a price point that will work best for you. With such a wide variety of options available from one trusted source, it’s easy to find the perfect car lift solution for you garage without breaking your budget. In addition, Olympic Equipment offers financing options, click here for more information.

Garage Car Lifts for 12 Foot Ceiling

2PCFXL-10 10,000‐lb. Gold Series / Symmetric Clear floor / Single Point Lock Release / 3-Stage Arms / 3-Stage Foot Pads / 153″ H X 135″ W / 7-Year Warranty

This 2 post car lift for a diesel truck: 2PCFHDXL-10 lift has the necessary size and capacity for it to be installed in a shop with 12’ ceilings and lift a 4-door diesel truck or any typical car. The Olympic® 2PCFXL-10 Two-Post Clear Floor Direct Drive Symmetric Post Lift offers a long list of options and accessories providing you with everything you could possibly want in a deluxe two-post car lift. In addition to the long list of standard features and capabilities packed into the structure, parts, and components you get the industry-best Olympic 7-Year Warranty!

4PHR-9 9,000 lb. Gold Series High-Rise Car Storage Lift Portable Extra Wide Extra Long 82″ Lift Height 7-Year Warranty 112″ W X 219″ L

This 4 post car lift for diesel truck: 4PHR-9 is a high-rise lift. With 78” of space under the deck most people can walk under it without banging their head. This one has the capacity to lift a diesel truck or park one under the deck. This is our best selling 4 post lift. 

The Gold Series 9,000 lb. Hi-Rise Car Storage Lift rises higher allows allowing you to store and stack your cars and trucks together in the same space! The 9,000 LB load capacity, extra width, length, and storage space it provides, combine to make it our best-selling lift. The deck rises high enough to park a pickup truck under the deck. Now you can store a vehicle up top and walk under it without banging your head!

Garage Car Lifts for 10 Foot Ceiling

2PBP-10 10,000‐lb. Silver Series / Base Plate 2-Post Lift / Dual Point Lock Release / 2-Stage Arms / 2-Stage Foot Pads / 5-Year Warranty / 110" H X 130" W

This 2 post car lift for diesel truck: 2PBP-10 has the necessary size and capacity for it to be installed in a shop with 10’ ceilings and still lift a truck. 

Olympic® Silver Series Baseplate 10,000 lb. Lift is a professional quality two-post hoist designed for lifting tall vehicles. Also works nicely in buildings with ceilings under 12′. With a total column height of 110″ it can be installed in a professional service center or home garage with a ceiling as low as 9 feet 2 inches.

The open top design allows for tall vehicles, vans, and box trucks to be lifted without height restrictions. Its the perfect low cost vehicle lift for customers demanding a high quality hoist that is also safe to use and at a reasonable price point.

8,000 lb. Silver Series Portable Vehicle Storage Lift Caster Arms Drip Trays Tool Tray 5-Year Warranty 103″ W X 206″ L_

Olympic® Deluxe Car Storage Lift is a Heavy-Duty Car Storage Lift that doubles as a maintenance lift. The included pin-on caster arms make it truly portable.

This design is targeted at customers desiring a commercial-grade car storage system that also makes vehicle maintenance easy. The ladder lock system and single-point release improve safety and ease of use. Perfect for lifting, storing, and maintaining most any car on the road. An excellent choice for race teams, car collectors, or your garage! Durable and safe to use. Internationally certified and tested to achieve a minimum of 150% of its stated load capacity. Note: see HDMBL-8 for wider drive trough. 

Garage Car Lifts for 8 Foot Ceiling

MRSL-75 7,500 Gold Series Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift / Dual Cylinders / Electric Lock Release

This car lift: MRSL-75 is mid-rise scissor lift that will fit most anywhere and still lift most trucks. Olympic Portable Mid-Rise Quick-Lift is perfect lift for commercial quick service bays and tire service specialists that need extra lifting height. It easily lifts a 7,500 lb. car or truck to a comfortable working height without requiring the user to position arms under the lifting points of the vehicle. Just drive the vehicle over the scissor lift ramps, position the heavy-duty rubber blocks under the correct lifting points and you are ready to work. Set up is quick, easy, and minimizes the potential for damage to the underside of the vehicle.

MRSL-6- Portable Scissor Lift

Our MRSL-6 Olympic Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift makes work and storage around the shop easier than ever before! It’s perfect for servicing light-duty trucks and cars.

It is portable making it the most versatile tool in the shop. The portable motor cart serves as tow handle to easily move lift from bay to bay. The convenient 48.22″ lift height is perfect for wheel and brake maintenance, and body and paint shops.

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